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The Eaton Family Law Firm is a family law firm well known in the West Palm Beach area for providing legal representation in family law matters. The firm is a mother and son team. Catherine S. Eaton and Cash A. Eaton work tirelessly on behalf of their clients to help protect the things that mean the most to them Рtheir families and assets. The Eaton Family Law Firm has over 20 years experience providing consultation in prenuptial agreements, separation/divorce, postnuptial agreements, alimony, child timesharing and support, paternity, collaborative law, mediation, probate, and guardianship. Once a single mother, Ms. Eaton understands how stressful separation, divorce, and custody disputes can be. Eaton Law is committed to providing professional and compassionate service and is the only choice for those seeking professional family law legal representation in the West Palm Beach area.

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Kristen Adams
Kristen Adams
posted 1 month ago

I had a feeling right from the start that Catherine was the perfect attorney and mediator for my paternity case. She is a knowledgeable, professional, CARING, and compassionate attorney. She is not one of those attorneys that is after your money, she actually cares about you and the best outcome for your child. I am forever grateful for her hard work and persistence in helping me close my "unamicable" case.

Lady Bug
Lady Bug
posted 1 year ago

Extremely capable and knowledgeable. She got right to the heart of the matter.One of the few lawyers that are not just out to get your money. She tells you the facts and helps you decide. I wish I had her years ago. I'd would have had a much better outcome in my original divorce /custody. If I need an attorney again it will be her hands down.!

Caroline Connelly
Caroline Connelly
posted 10 months ago

I highly recommend Catherine S. Eaton, of the Eaton Family Law Firm, PA. She was highly exceptional in EVERY regard, handling a situation we were unexpectedly facing. Her communication skills were outstanding, and more importantly, she was able to balance her keen legal intelligence, with a very warm, kind, and caring demeanor.

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